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Interchangeable Knife Set with Multi-functional Storage

Switchblade was designed during my final year at University, as part of 'Design Week'. I had one week to design and explain the features of my finalised concept. My specific brief was to design a knife block.

I set out to make a multi-purpose knife block which was minimal in size and unobtrusive in the user's kitchen. Switchblade is therefore both a knife block and a food preparation surface. To further create a minimally sized design, I decided to incorporate a detachable handle which uses a quick-threading screw mechanism to securely fasten into each blade with a 180 degree twist. Each blade suspends underneath the product on a magnetic strip, allowing the product to be quickly and safely converted into a chopping board.

The acrylic packaging which protects the blades during transportation and display can be detached from its magnetic strip to be used as a second chopping surface.